Radio frequency identification, or RFID is a generic term used by technicians who use radio frequency waves to automatically identify an object. RFID consists of a micro chip equipped with an aerial. This chip contains a serial number(EPC code) that can identify an object) as well as other critical information , like for instance authorization. When this aerial communicates with a reader, the code is transferred to the internet or the company's data bank where the information pertaining to the object is stored.

What is EPC?
Instead of referring to a class of product, like UPC (Universal product code) and bar codes. EPC can refer to every instance of an object. EPC consists of 96 bits , can therefore uniquely identify every product,  as opposed to bar codes that can only the manufacturer and the class of object.

What's the difference between low- high and ultra high frequencies?
The RFID system uses many different frequencies. The most usual however are low- 125kHz, high- 13.56MHz, and UHF -865-868MHz, as well as micro waves 2.45GHz, Radio waves react in different ways to different frequencies, that`s why it`s so important to select the correct frequencies for its special application in this unique environment.

Why is RFID better than bar codes?
RFID is not necessarily better ,  but can be used for other types of applications than bar codes. The biggest difference is that bar codes need a clear line of sight, which today means the manual scanning of every object, while a RFID reader can automatically scan all tags within a certain radius. Apart from that bar codes can be damaged, which makes the RFID tags highly usable in tougher environments. Another advantage is that RFID identifies every unique article as well as for example its condition, it`s best by date, while the bar code can only store information about one class of product. Smart RFID systems can even create intelligent solutions that can function without human involvement.

Are there any health hazards with RFID?
Many RFID applications use a low frequency spectrum where the risk to health are no higher than the radiation from a car radio.
There are strict regulations within the EU governing energy radiation to 0.05 watt maximum.









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