Board and Charter

RFID Nordic is an idealistic branch association for all manufacturers, retailers, consultants as well as consumers and others interested in RFID solutions. The Association was founded in 2004 by Ove Canemyr and Björn Söderberg. Since its inception the membership has increased steadily to today where we have more than 60 members in a global network for the reciprocal exchange of information.

RFID Nordic has two main purposes with its activities. One is to create a cluster of competence around the RFID applications and services in Northern Europe. The other is to provide the media, highschools, politicians and administrators with impartial information about RFID, while at the same time creating a collaborative forum for the exchange of information and expansion.

The goal is to show the epoch making RFID solutions in a positive light with the RFID I NORDEN Awards by creating the Gold Tag and the Mini Tag.

RFID Norden`s homepage contains fundamental information about the Association's, up-coming activities, members, as well as the latest news and the possibility of downloading our quarterly magazine in PDF format. The magazine is published in English and is distributed through the membership's own registers as well as to the Media, politicians, Universities and administrators.
The home page also contains information about what standards are available to cover our customer's differing requirements.

The Market

The RFID Nordic membership has defined the RFID Market into the 3 main sections.  INDUSTRY - TRADE- SERVICE together with CARE and WELFARE. These markets sometimes overlap thereby creating potential to bring ideas and solutions for different needs for different markets into play. In this way RFID will become more cost effective in the sense that certain solutions will only need to be slightly modified to comply with new conditions.
Customers make a profit and suppliers get more clients. A win win situation that in itself creates growth.

The hype climbs back again during 2007

From a narrow perspective of time we might certify that within Industry RFID has been around for about 20 years  and minimally less within the service/duty sector with the debit card and pass as examples of  its application. It is within Trade during the first years of the new century that we see the most Logistic solutions with solutions for remittance attached to the inventory amongst other things. Even customer adapted RFID solutions in shops are available today to make it easier for the customers to make their selections.



The Board 2021


Chairman: Ove Canemyr
Secretary: Lucas Åhlström, Retorium
Cashier: Stefan Tjerngren, Telmina
Members: Günther Dieroff, Beneli
Johan Malm
Olle Hydbom, AutoID expert
Gunnar Ivansson, Learningwell
Lars Thuring, Logopak
The Nominating Committee: Lucas Åhlström, Retorium











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