RFID Nordic

To act as a link and know-how cluster between customers, suppliers, universities and other education establishments, the media, decision-makers and authorities.

To increase knowledge by disseminating information in various ways and taking an active role in mass media, fairs and exhibitions and other trendsetting events.

We will also publish a quarterly magazine (in pdf-format) in Swedish and English that showcases current systems solutions of our members and explains the commercial and other benefits of them to prospective new purchasers of products and services.

To create new business opportunities for our members and enhance relationships between them through workshops, “RFID IN THE NORDIC REGION” seminars etc, along with the introduction of annual GOLD TAG awards for customers and mini tags for their suppliers. And every year to hand over a Scholarship, RFID Nordic Stipendiet, for best new soultions based on RFID.

To establish a Nordic know-how cluster.

Information will be sent regularly via a common RFID Nordic mailing list. To join, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To promote common standards and values.

To maintain and update our website: www.rfidnordic.se, featuring member forums, daily international RFID news and newsletters to media, colleges, politicians and members.


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